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everteen Tampons in Firozpur

Since a few years, tampons have been accumulating a lot of limelight. And, why not? These alternative to the sanitary napkins are one of the most advantageous things. Keeping that in mind, everteen introduces Applicator Tampons. Manufactured by using international quality at USFDA, these tampons are CE certified. Therefore, you can surely rely on its durability as well as its effectiveness. Without the usage of unadulterated material, these tampons have been produced with nothing but all-natural material to provide you several advantages all at once.

Reasons to Buy everteen Tampons:

Manufactured from organic ingredients, this vaginal tightening gel, unlike the other ones, is 100% safe for your intimate part. Other than that, this gel:

•   Allows you to swim while on periods

•   Doesn't showcase embarrassing lines

•   Nothing heavier to deal with down there

•   Prevents bad odour of menstrual blood

•   Absorbs more blood flow as compared to other products

•   No irritating view upon visiting the toilet

•   Allows to move anywhere, anyhow

•   Comfortable to wear

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everteen Tampons USP:

Considering the number of advantages that this vaginal tightening gel provides, it wouldn't be overrated if said that you won't regret buying this product.

Available with Different Absorbency Level:

everteen Tampons are available in four different absorbency level, viz lite, regular, super, and super plus. You can choose any one of them as per your requirements and comfort level.

Chlorine Free:

The tampons that come from the inventory of everteen are completely chlorine free. Hence, you wouldn't have to sweat for irritation or allergies.

Internationally Certified:

Since it is important to consider the good health of a woman, hence everteen has made its tampons undergo rigorous tests and got a certificate of effectiveness as well as safety as per international health guidelines.

Higher Absorption Level:

In comparison with sanitary napkins and other menstrual products, these tampons have been designed to absorb a higher level of blood. Hence, even if it is heavy flow day, you can use this tampon and can be sure of utmost protection.

Natural Material:

There is nothing that would cause harm to your skin or vaginal area during the usage of these tampons as they are manufactured with the all-natural material.

How to Use everteen Tampons?

If you are new to this, then you may take some time before becoming a pro at inserting a tampon. Here are the directions that you should follow:

•    Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water

•    Either sit or stand in a position that seems comfortable to you

•    Hold the tampon from middle

•    Open the labia with the other hand, and place the tampon in front of the vaginal opening

•    Slowly push the tampon inside the vagina

•    Once the tampon is inside, remove the applicator from it

•    Ensure that the string is hanging out and you don't put it inside as well

•    Wash your hands after inserting the tampon

•    And that's how you do it. Initially, you may feel a bit comfortable, however, with time and practice, everything will fall into the place and you will be habitual to it.