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I have been using it for more than a month now and have also used it during my monthly cycle. I was afraid of using chemical intimate washes daily. But I feel absolutely safe using everteen Intimate Wash daily, knowing that I am not treating my body to any chemicals.A very important observation and experience I want to share here is that I was facing slight urinary incontinence for a couple of days. Coincidentally, I started using this wash during that time and it relieved me within the first use. My mother who has a chronic incontinence problem has just started using it.

Beauty Blogger,

everteen please see my everteen gel reviews. I just love both the products everteen gel & everteen natural intimate wash and can’t live without them for my life.


I am using everteen gel for 15 days and feeling is great!! I was scared to use it after the horrible experience of using other products available in the market and I was hospitalized but after talking to your customer care, I was convinced to use everteen and it really is a wonderful product for me

Mrs. Abdul
40 Years, Bangalore

It has a lovely herbal fragrance which lingers on for few minutes and is pleasing to the senses. The formula is on the milder side but still it gives a good lather while tenderly washing away the impurities and the unwanted bacteria’s. It leaves the area squeaky clean with herbal aroma giving a refreshing fresh feel

Poonam Jain
Beauty Blogger, Beauty & Makeup Matters

I have used some intimate washed from some pharmaceutical brands before and they never felt as good as this everteen natural intimate wash does. It keeps the area clean and fresh for a long time and controls overgrowth of foreign bacteria, because basically it maintains the natural pH of the intimate areas. So you can be free of worries

Dr. Anshu
Beauty Blogger, MKBF

My experience with everteen natural intimate wash has awesome so far. I use it at the time of bath and I feel fresh for the whole day. The wash is very mild and gentle gives me soothing effect. I don’t feel any itching or irritation after using it. Overall I am loving this product and will keep using it always for sure.

Hetal Shah
Beauty Blogger, My Fashion Villa

For us as women we need to keep our intimate parts clean and it is a necessity if you are very active or else it can even result to vaginal infections! I stay in a hostel and share bathrooms ( it is a nightmare !!) so I need to take extra care of my vaginal cleanliness and this wash has proven to be very effective. And I must say everteen natural intimate wash really does everything it claims.Loving it

Priyanjana Roy
Beauty Blogger, Moonshine Sunlight

Thanks everteen for delivering the packet on time. I used it for a week am really happy with its results.I still have 3 bottles left and confident that after 45 days, I will get what I expected from everteen

Married, Vigan. Philippines

Your intimate wash is supers. I got relief from itching after using it. Also started using everteen gel and hope it also does great job like your intimate wash

20 Years, Lahore. Pakistan

I have tried couple of intimate washes in the past like lactacyd, Vagisil, Oriflame, Feminelle. It was okey, nothing exceptional per se. The big turn off of these products is presence of chemicals & sulphates. I discountiniued them because I didn’t notice any benefit. But everteen natural intimate wash is something different. I could feel the effect from day one

Priyanka Mallu
Beauty Blogger , Diva Journals

I must admit that reading so many good things about a product tempts me very strongly and this is exactly what happened with this intimate wash. Well, I was not at all disappointed with this product and it truly lived to the claims made by the brand.

Lancy CV
Beauty Blogger, Makeup & Beauty Home

The very great thing I like about everteen natural intimate wash is “It’s Smell”. This smell really reminds me of a herbal oil. I take out a pea sized amount which is enough for one-time usage & enough lather. If you’re the one like me who is having so sensitive skin then let me tell you guys, It’s 100 per natural and extra mild created for the purpose to suit all types of skin.

Payal pandya
Beauty Blogger, Girl Explorer

everteen Natural Intimate Wash is the best intimate wash & budget friendly Intimate Wash available in the Indian market and is beneficial special for those often suffering from infections and also a good product to be used on a daily basis to maintain hygiene

Althea Lobo
Beauty Blogger, Beauty Gyan

I have been using everteen natural intimate wash daily once for a week now, and I must say, I am loving it. I has a visible effect like, it keeps the area clean, feels no irritation. Within just two wash, I fell in love with this. Though, I did judge this by its simple appearance, but after using, it actually changed my point of view.

Arshita Dhara
Beauty Blogger, Indian Natural Beauty

Please use this everteen gel. Very nice this product is. comfortable so easy to use this product.

Snapdeal Shopper

everteen Natural Intimate Wash leaves the lady area feeling fresh, clean and odor free. It is quite mild and can be used on a daily basis. It is very gentle and can be used by everyone including 14+ years’ girls when the skin is sensitive. It contains all natural active ingredients that do not irritate the skin.

Megha Sharaf
Beauty Blogger, Makeup & Beauty Treasure

I found my package and started using it. It’s almost finishing now and I will be ordering my next bottle soon.I feel the tightening has slowly started but most of all, I believe it has increased the blood flow in that area. Overall, good results.I will be in touch soon for my next consignment.

52 Years, NSW. Australia

everteen today I have received my everteen wash and I am speechless as it is really awesome product i ever used. Thank you so much

Divya Karecha
29 Years, Mumbai. India

everteen natural intimate wash really makes me feel clean and fresh for the whole day. This helps to keep the bad odour away and maintain itch-free intimate area. This is ideal for women intimate hygiene.

Jayshree Bhagat
Beauty Blogger , Makeup & Beauty Blog

Really work this product. I am satisfied

Snapdeal Shopper

The product has never caused any irritation on the delicate intimate skin, and keeps one fresh all day long. I especially like using the product during the periods. Just gives you an affirmation of things being cleaner than usual. Also, it comes in handy during travel, if you know what I mean! The best part is that it is natural, soap and SLS free and is very mild, so that everyone can use it

Ritu Rajput
Beauty Blogger, The Indian Beauty

everteen natural intimate wash work very well especially during days when you’re menstruating, or on warm sunny days when you get all hot and sweaty. I really like the cooling sensation post wash which is maybe because of Aloe Vera as an active herbal ingredient, and the delicate lingering fragrance, and the fresh feeling that stays for long hours after a wash.

Beauty Blogger, Love Thy Red

Really work this everteen vaginal gel. I am satisfied

Snapdeal Shopper

Bravo! I love this Intimate wash, it is mild on skin and keeps natural pH balance maintained. It is one such product every female should include in her daily hygiene. A big thumbs up from my side!

Vishakha Singh
Review wali

M using d everteen gel since 4 days its damn good m feeling fresh from inside….

2 Years, Canada

everteen wash is good product. I like it very much

Anita Juneja
18 Years, Lucknow. India

I feel fresh after every use. I suggest this product for every girl to keep their intimate part clean and hygiene. I am loving this everteen Natural Intimate Wash’s mild smell and using it regularly. Unhygienic habits of intimate parts may leads to severe health issues for women like small infections to cancerous danger. I feel always better to keep the them clean and hygienic than taking risks of health issues.

Radha Krishnakumar
Beauty Blogger , Indian Beauty Zone

With very less quantity only, it lathers so well and leaves really an uplifting fragrance behind. The unpleasant odour that most of us experience after few hours of taking shower, considerably lowers down with its regular use. Due to its herbal ingredients, the intimate wash doesn’t generates any irritating sensation or burning. Greater improvements in epidermis of vagina is noticed during my menstrual cycle which used to cause unbearable discomfort, but everteen Natural Intimate Wash perfectly promotes cell regeneration in vaginal walls and heals the affected parts.

Shilpa Bindish
Beauty Blogger, M Alive n Kicking

I have two bottles of everteen natural intimate wash with me so I gave one to my baby nanny as well who keep suffering from urinal infection.Once she got treated for it again she used everteen continuously and its been two months she has not got back the urinal infection again.

Beauty Blogger,

I observed that everteen natural intimate wash does really provide relief from itchiness and it doesn’t make the skin dry. It is free from soap, SLS and SLES. everteen Natural Intimate Wash is a very good intimate wash which is completely safe consisting of 100% natural ingredients and does get you rid of allergies, infections, itchiness and odour. Make this a part of your daily regime, I am sure that you would be more happy and confident! It is a must try!

Beauty Blogger, Luminousha

While, I was religiously using everteen Natural Intimate Wash everyday. I had recently gone to Bangalore and I forgot to carry this easily portable bottle. Whenever one travels there is a high possibility of infection, by using public toilets, hotel toilets or due to sweat and grime. Thus it becomes very important to use an intimate wash. After having stayed in Bangalore for a few days without my intimate wash, I realized the difference.

Beauty Blogger, Diva Mode

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