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Buy Menstrual Cup in India, Menstrual Cup Supplier in India

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everteen Menstrual Cups in India

There is no denying the fact that menstrual cups have been trending for some time now. If you are skeptical about the reliability, don't worry, everteen has taken care of everything. Manufactured at USFDA, these menstrual cups have been certified as per the international guidelines for health safety of women. Made with medical grade silicone, these menstrual cups prevent the risk of leakage while you are on your periods. Not just that, but right from its reusable tendencies to its no discomfort properties, these cups offer several other amazing advantages.

Reasons to Buy everteen Menstrual Cups:

When on periods, you may look no further to comfort and convenience, isn't it? And, these cups provide all of them and more to you.

•   Removes menstrual odour and dryness

•   Prevents itchiness and rashes

•   Less need to change again and again

•   Takes away the feeling of discomfort

•   No leakage or stains

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everteen Menstrual Cup USP:

Undeniably, these everteen menstrual cups are going to provide you a lot of advantages. Here are some of its USPs that would give you a clearer picture:

Cups that can be Reused:

everteen has manufactured these cups in such a way that you could use it for as long as 10 years. So, no more spending money on pads and other products.

Lowers Menstrual Cramps:

These everteen menstrual cups come with a patented seal, manufactured to suck more blood than usual, resulting in lesser menstrual cramps and providing utmost relief.

Made of Medical Grade Silicon:

Keeping your comfort level in mind, these menstrual cups have been designed by using medical grade silicon; hence, they are soft and cause no discomfort while inserting.

Available in Two Sizes:

These cups can be procured in two different sizes, like small and large. Depending on your requirements and your period flow, you can choose the one.

How to Use everteen Menstrual Cups?

Check out this step-by-step procedure to insert a menstrual cup:

•    Wash your hands with clean soap and water

•    Hold the cup and fold it that it makes a C

•    Slowly insert the cup into the vagina

•    Use the cup for approximately 12 hours

•    Take the cup out, empty it, clean it thoroughly and insert it again