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Buy V Wash Hygiene Wipes in Firozpur, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in Firozpur

Buy V Wash Hygiene Wipes in Firozpur, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in Firozpur, Buy Online Best Intimate Hygiene Wipes in Firozpur

India's first individually wrapped intimate wipes

Not just these everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes are ultra-soft to use but are also manufactured with 100% biodegradable and natural cloth. Dermatologically and clinically tested, these wipes have been designed to provide a reprieve from vaginal discomfort. With the help of their cleansing properties, these wipes help to keep you clean and fresh whole day long. These wipes are devoid of SLS and parabens as well as alcohol. The liquid present in these wipes has been derived from plant extracts.

Perfect Intimate HYGIENE ON-THE-MOVE

Buy V Wash Hygiene Wipes in Firozpur, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in Firozpur. Presenting everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes which are clinically & dermatologically tested. everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes provide you relief from intimate discomfort while helping you feel fresh & clean with its mild cleansing properties. Every wipe is ultra-soft which is made of 100% natural & biodegradable cloth. The key ingredients used in the liquid are derived from natural plant extracts. Mild formula of everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes is entirely free from alcohol, SLS & parabens. everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are ultra-soft and wrapped individually for your convenience when you are on the move. Now there is no need to carry those bulky packs when you can carry two or three or as many everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes in your hand bag as you would need for a day.

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When to Use everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes?

These natural intimate hygiene wipes are nothing less than a revolution for a woman's intimate health. Made of pure cloth, these wipes provide utmost comfort upon usage. So, here are few situations when you can use these wipes:


As much as it strengthens the bond, it is true that sexual activity is a bit of a dirty act. So, you can use these wipes to have a hassle-free clean up after a vigorous act of lovemaking.


Undeniably, public toilets are a major source of bacteria and vaginal infections. So, once you have used the toilet, you can get your hands on these wipes to clean your intimate so as to protect it from unnecessary infections.


Don't think that using these wipes during periods will make it even messier. On the contrary, these wipes can help you from safeguarding your intimate area from period blood bacteria.


Also, there are no restrictions for using these hygiene wipes as they can turn out to be beneficial any time of the day.

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everteen wipes are affordable, free from harsh chemicals which does not interfere with vaginal flora & fauna, individually wrapped so it is hygienic, contains antibacterial ingredients so prevent infection and cleanses well. Highly Recommended.

Priyanka Mallu
Editor & Owner, Diva Journals

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