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Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad Manufacturer/Suppliers in Firozpur

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everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad in Firozpur

It's not a plain-sailing to handle periods every single month. On the top of that, some sanitary pads end up causing irritation and rashes. If that's the case you are experiencing, then switch to everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pads in Firozpur. Manufactured with 100% natural cotton, these sanitary pads constraint the growth of bacteria and eradicate bad vaginal odour. Not just that, but these sanitary pads also inhibit the bacteria multiplication that would end up causing vaginal infection. By keeping the harmful microorganisms away, these sanitary pads in Firozpur help in maintaining the pH balance of the vagina.

Reasons to Buy everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad:

Available in different sizes, such as Small, Large, and Extra Large, these cotton sanitary pads aim to provide nothing but a complete comfort level.

•   Supports large surface for instant dryness

•   Breathable layers of cotton to allow air circulation

•   Eradicates heat and moisture

•   Antibacterial anion strip keeps bacteria away

•   Double side protect to inhibit leakage

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everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad USP:

Keeping in mind the comfort level that women have to compromise with during periods, this sanitary napkin pad has been manufactured to give several advantages:

Double Side Protection:

This cotton sanitary pad has been designed with double-side protection feature so that it can prevent the leakage during periods. So, you can be sure of extra protection.

Menstrual Fluid Guidance:

Moving further, these sanitary pads also carry sterilized air laid paper that redirects the menstrual fluid to the center of superabsorbent polymer. Hence, you wouldn't have to worry about cloth stains.

Prevents Bacterial Multiplication:

These sanitary napkin pads come with a special anion strip that helps in eradicating the multiplication of such bacteria that is liable for creating bad odour and menstrual discomfort.

Breathable Layers:

Another advantage that these sanitary napkin pads come with is the breathable bottom layer. This layer helps the air circulation, which eradicates heat and moisture from the intimate area.

Large Surface & Different Sizes:

Another good thing about these sanitary napkin pads is that they are available in a variety of sizes, hence you can choose accordingly. Also, they have a large surface, resulting in immediate dryness.

When to Use everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pads?

Apart from periods, there are several other situations that may arise the use of cotton napkin pads. Here are some of them:

During Summers:

During summers, the probability of the intimate area getting moisturized and sweaty increases more. So, if you are a college-goer or office-going girl, then you can surely use these napkins, without the fear of getting itchy skin down there.

Heavy Discharge:

If you are one of those ladies who experience heavy discharge all the time, panty-lines or other products wouldn't help you tackle that situation. Therefore, you can use this cotton pad to handle the discharge.

Heavy Flow of Period:

During the days when the flow of menstrual blood is heavy, you can use this cotton napkin pad. Since it is cotton, it will prevent itchiness and irritation. Hence, you can be sure of utmost comfort and convenience.

How to Use everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad?

Using a cotton sanitary napkin pad is an easier task. Follow these simple directions:

•    Choose a pad that would match your requirements

•    Sit in the right position

•    Remove the wrapper from the pad and paste it on your underwear

•    Pold the flaps and paste them to the backside of your underwear

•    Make sure that you change the pad every 4-6 hours. Keeping it for a longer period of time may result in rashes and irritation around the vagina. On the days of heavy flow, you can consider it every 3 hours as well.