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Buy Intimate Wash in Firozpur, Clean/Dry Intimate Wash in Firozpur

Buy Clean And Dry Intimate Wash in Firozpur, Buy Intimate Wash in Firozpur, Buy Online Intimate Wash Products in Firozpur

Buy Clean And Dry Intimate Wash in Firozpur, Buy Intimate Wash in Firozpur, Buy Online Intimate Wash Products in Firozpur. Intimate Wash is used to keep intimate area clean and fresh. Woman should use intimate wash to clean their vaginal area which can help in maintaining vaginal pH balance. Intimate Wash also helps in maintaining intimate hygiene and helps prevent vaginal infection or vaginal irritation. You should use intimate wash which contains natural ingredients.

Reasons to Buy everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash:

Infused with nothing but natural ingredients, this natural intimate wash is meant to provide you 100% result upon daily usage.
• Maintains the natural balance of the vagina
• Keeps the hygiene level up-to-the-mark
• Prevents bad odour, itching, and burning sensation
• Retains vaginal moisture
• Keeps the intimate area fresh all the time

everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash USP:

Generally, a woman experiences several problems related to the vagina. And, if not taken care of, these problems can even turn into grave conditions.

• Maintains the pH Level:
It is important to retain the pH level of the vagina. While ordinary soaps and gels may leave a bad effect on it, this intimate wash is there to keep the pH level adequate.

• Prevents Unnecessary Problems:
Experiencing itchiness, burning sensations, and irritation because of vaginal area is not a new thing for women. More so, during summers, such problems increase even more. Therefore, daily wash with this intimate wash can prevent all of these problems.

• Removes Unpleasant Odour:
Unpleasant odour can become the cause of embarrassment while in public. It can also decrease your confidence to step out. Hence, with this wash, you can easily get rid of that odour.

• Supports Growth of Good Bacteria:
While keeping the bacterial infection at bay, this intimate hygiene wash encourages the growth of good bacteria, known as Lactobacillus, which is important to maintain the proper vaginal health.

• Restore the Freshness:
This intimate hygiene wash also prevents excessive vaginal discharge and helps retain the freshness of your intimate area.

How to Use everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash?

Using this intimate hygiene wash is a plain-sailing:
• You can use this wash while taking a shower or after going to the washroom
• Take a small quantity of the wash on your hand
• Apply it to the external area of your vagina
• Use clean water to rinse it
• Use a clean towel to dry the vagina

You can use this intimate hygiene wash twice a day and enjoy its amazing benefits.

When to Use everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash?

Most of the women use soap and shampoo to wash their intimate area, which can pose more threat to the vaginal health. You can use this gel at different stages:

• Daily Use:
Even if you use this natural intimate hygiene wash every day, it will not prove out to be disadvantageous. Regularly during a shower or while using the toilet, you can apply this gel and wash your intimate area thoroughly.

• During Periods:
There is no denying the fact that during periods, itchiness and irritation increase even more. So, instead of using simple soaps and other products, it would be beneficial to use this hygiene wash to keep the pH level intact.

• During Pregnancy:
Though being pregnant is one of the amazing phases for any woman, however, it brings several problems along as well, including excessive discharge. So, to maintain the health of vagina during this crucial period, you can use this intimate hygiene wash.


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