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everteen Daily Panty Liners in Firozpur

Just the imagination of wearing a pad every day sends chills down the spine, isn't it? But, is there any other way for those who are dealing with urine or heavy discharge problems? Yes, there is! everteen presents extremely comfortable and soft panty liners to use every single day. Be it unanticipated periods, heavy vaginal discharge, or urine leakage – these panty liners will protect your vaginal area from every sort of problem. Not just that, but its instant soaking tendencies helps in superior absorption, providing you clean and refreshing feeling whole day long.

Reasons to Buy everteen Daily Panty Liners:

Prepared with 100% natural and soft material, these panty liners are available in the market to remove hassles from your life.

•   Helps during vaginal discharge

•   Turns out to be a saviour in case of an unexpected period

•   Gives relief to those dealing with urinary problems

•   Soft & comfortable to wear every day

•   Convenient and pocket-friendly

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everteen Daily Panty Liners USP:

These panty liners are a boon for those who are compelled to use large sanitary napkins every day. Here are some of its advantages:

Layers that are Breathable:

These panty liners have been manufactured with breathable layers that help in keeping the moisture from the vaginal area away so that you can have a refreshing feeling.

Extra Absorbent:

Just so you could use this on a daily basis, everteen has made sure to make these pantyliners extra absorbent and extra-thin. Therefore, you wouldn't have to face any sort of problems.

Antibacterial Negative Ion Chip:

Since the main concern is to keep your vaginal health intact, hence these panty liners have been manufactured with antibacterial negative ion chip that eradicates the bacteria multiplication to keep the problems and infections away.

Natural & Soft:

Considering that you may have to wear them consistently for several days, therefore, these panty liners have been made of 100% natural and soft cotton to retain your comfort level.

Everyday Protection:

These are the perfect choice when it comes to utmost protection from the period flow, heavy discharge, and urine leakage.

Why Should You Use everteen Daily Panty Liners?

There are several such situations and reasons that would compel you to use panty liners. Here are some of them:

Dryness & Freshness:

Women have to face vaginal discharge on a daily basis, which is quite normal for them as well. However, this discharge can cause a feeling of wetness. On the contrary, if used these panty liners, they absorb the discharge and keep the freshness and dryness alive.

Prevents Wetting the Pants:

Most of the times, be it while laughing hard or putting a lot of pressure on the stomach, it is normal to get urinary leakage. So, if you are prone to this condition, then you can use a panty liner to deter your confidence from going down.

Unexpected or Last Day of the Periods:

Not just these panty liners are perfect rescuer when it comes to safeguarding your clothes from unexpected period stains, but they can even be used on those days when the flow is less as compared to others – say the last day of the period

Postpartum Flow:

If you have become a new mother just a few weeks before, then you must be experiencing postpartum flow. If this is the case, then you can simply use these panty liners to manage the situation.

The combination with a Tampon:

If you think that using tampons or mensural cups may still result in a bit of leakage or stain, then you can use these pantyliners along with them – just to be on the safe side

How to Use everteen Daily Panty Liners?

Using a panty liner is as similar as using a sanitary napkin. Follow these below-mentioned steps for an unobscured knowledge:

•    Wash your hands with clean water

•    Take off the adhesive strip from the panty liner

•    Place the liner on your underwear

•    Paste it adequately

•    Being small and compact in size, it wouldn't be difficult to store them in your bag, isn't it?