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Buy Ve Wash Hygiene Intimate Wipes in India, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in India

Buy Ve Wash Hygiene Intimate Wipes in India, Buy Ve Wash Wipes in India, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in India

Buy Ve Wash Hygiene Intimate Wipes in India, Buy Ve Wash Wipes in India, Buy Intimate Wipes Online in India. Intimate Wipes are used to clean intimate area especially after urination or sexual activity. Intimate Wipes helps in preventing vaginal infection due to using the toilet sheet or due to the droplets of semen after sexual activity. While using toilet, public toilets or office toilets, a woman has to sit on the commode and it may disturb the hygiene of intimate area. Woman should keep and use intimate wipes to maintain complete personal hygiene after using toilet sheet or commode.

Reasons to Buy everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes:

In comparison with other material, these wipes are extremely soft and provide an utmost comfort level.
• Provides freshness whole day long
• Cleans the intimate area thoroughly
• 100% soft cloth keeps rashes away
• Non-liquor product to maintain the pH level
• Easy to use and carry

everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes USP:

These natural intimate hygiene wipes offer a myriad of benefits. Here are some of its USPs that would help you to decide why to buy these wipes.

• Natural Ingredients:
Right from the oil used in these wipes to the cloth they are made of, everything is 100% natural and authentic.

• Maintains pH Level:
It is quite important to maintain the pH level of the vaginal area, just to keep bacteria and infections away. So, to do that, you can use these wipes.

• Eliminates Hostile Odour & Itchiness:
These wipes can actually help in eradicating unnecessary itchiness and odour from the vaginal area, keeping it fresh and clean.

• Mild Fragrance:
These natural intimate hygiene wipes even provide mild fragrance, which keeps you filled with confidence for the entire day.

• Travel-Friendly:
Since compact in design and light in weight, these hygiene wipes are extremely travel-friendly. So, you can ditch your regular product and carry these wherever you go.

How to Use everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes?

There is nothing that would turn out to be complicated when using these wipes. Follow these below-mentioned steps and you are good to go:
• Take out a wipe from the packet
• Gently wipe the front and back area of your vagina
• Dispose of the wipe once you have used it
One thing that you must keep in mind is that these wipes are only to clean the exteriors of the vagina. So, make sure that you are not using these wipes to clean the interiors.


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